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A Message from the Vice Chairman

As SAF begins its third year of service to our community, we continue our endeavor to streamline our work and efforts empowering every Syrian American to contribute to our great cause. Our priority is the interest of our community, spreading our message to every possible factor in our adopted country, while believing in standing against terrorism and violence imported by foreign elements into our motherland.

I would like to emphasize to you that SAF is an entity that is open to the exchange of opinions and having a constructive dialogue. This will be beneficial in achieving our objectives of ridding Syria of foreign violence and terrorism. 

I, and my colleagues, very much understand and hear objections and advice on a daily basis. I acknowledge that during the past two plus years, we may have made some mistakes.  For example, we may not have reached every member of the Syrian American community and properly explained every effort we made. Yet, we are all learning and will continue to try harder to do a better job.

Let me be clear as to what SAF stands for, so that there is no room to misunderstand our objectives. We have set our mission statement loud and clear. Yet, I will further explain:

SAF believes in civilized dialogue where rational argument shall be welcomed for the benefit of all Syrians.

SAF supports Syrian plans that will bring about political change, executed by Syrians themselves in Syria, without foreign intervention. 

SAF believes and supports one Syria under secular rule as a pluralistic society. All Syrians shall have equal rights.

Finally, I would like to pose a few critical and vital questions to my dear Syrian compatriots:
- Is Syria better off now that it was prior to March 2011?
- Is destroying the Syrian state and its infrastructure the right way to express one’s objection to the system?
- Is the future of Syria and our extended families better served by killing and destruction instead of dialogue and peace?

Let’s have our eyes on the ball. Let us do all that is in our power to do what is right here in our adopted country: to explain and emphasize the threat such a path and policies pose to our motherland, as well as our national security as Americans.

Mounzer Ahmad
Vice Chairman (2012-2014)