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July 13, 2015

“It is to be proud of being an American, but it is also to be proud that your fathers and mothers came from a land upon which God laid His gracious hand and raised His messengers”.

This message from Gibran dates back to 1926. A century later, it still resonates amongst our community. Many of those Gibran addressed in his message grew and rose to be leaders in the United States, proud of their heritage and belonging.

We bear a similar responsibility for our generation to follow these steps. Among the Syrian American Youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow. They will bear the responsibility of carrying the heritage of their ancestors and lead efforts to help their extended families back in the motherland, Syria.

SAF was established with this mission in mind. Syrian Americans will always be proud of who they are; Syrians and Americans. This pride will require persistent and continuous efforts to preserve this thousands of years old heritage. Thus, SAF Youth.

SAF launches SAF Youth aiming at empowering the young generations of today to carry the baton. SAF Youth is a group of young Syrian Americans keen on preserving the heritage of their parents and ancestors It will create educational and social programs to:

  • Fortify the confidence of the Syrian American Youths in their belonging to be very successful and effective citizens,
  • Spread Syrian culture, heritage and history in their local communities,
  • Involve SAF Youths in promoting the social welfare of their peers by emphasizing the spirit of community service,
  • Strengthen the ties between the Syrian American youths and their motherland,
  • Help young Syrians build upon their abilities and achievements to further advance their society.

We urge all Syrian Americans to join our efforts. Our youths are our collective responsibility. We shall continue to be proud of their charismatic tendency to stick to their ancestors’ heritage and guide them to be effective leaders in their parents’ adopted country.

Once again, Gibran’s message of over a hundred years ago continues to resonate today; we are confident it will for hundreds of years to come: “Young Americans of Syrian origin, I believe in you.”

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