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The Syrian American Forum Strongly Condemns the Bigotry of Candidate Carson

November 19, 2015

The Syrian American Forum strongly condemns the repugnant statement of Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson, in which he compared Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs”.

While political differences may be understandable, it is unfortunate that a leading candidate for president of the United States resorts to such a repulsive statement demeaning and defaming a whole people. This is utmost discrimination and bigotry, especially when coming from a physician such as Dr. Carson.

SAF has rejected the politicization of the refugees’ issue. The best solution to this crisis, and in order to effectively alleviate the suffering of all Syrians it affected, all concerned should work diligently to find an end to this war through a political solution allowing all Syrians to live peacefully in their country.

We call on you to visit Dr. Carson’s webpage and register your condemnation.