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End of Year Message from the Chairman (2015)



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Happy New Year.

2015 was the most active year of your organization. SAF continued to grow and attract the attention of our communities, the media and the political apparatus of the United States.

Four years on, we all proved our resolve and perseverance in advancing the most vital priority and reason of our existence, which is working on helping bring peace to our mother country Syria. We continued to lay the basis for a wider role once this crisis is over.

Our activities are published on our website and Facebook pages, in addition to other direct interaction with our membership and communities. Nevertheless, here are some of the major points of our work and activities this past year:

  • Meetings with a series of American politicians in the administration and in the congress.
  • Promoting a peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis that is based on:
    o Defeating terrorism and extremism should be the unquestionable priority of the U.S.
    o The US should immediately cease any type of support to organizations with questionable background and affiliation with terrorist militants in Syria.
    o The US should press allies to do the same.
    o Stop the war against Syria and find a solution through political and diplomatic means.
    o Any solution has to be led and implemented by Syrians and shall be based on preserving the independence, unity, social and territorial integrity of Syria.
  • Some representatives in the congress were receptive to our message and acted as such.
  • Different members of SAF appeared on different American and international media promoting the same message.
  • Our chapters held about a dozen activities in different parts of the country:
    o Symposiums hosting political, diplomatic and religious leaders.
    o General educational activities either arranging them ourselves or through some already existing.
  • We established SAF Youths which aims at enabling our children of participation in the making of their future while augmenting their belonging to their heritage.

    This past year was productive. Along with our prior experience since our establishment four years ago, we aim to further expand our efforts. Although we are still building and growing, SAF has become an organization to reckon with. With your help and support we will continue to grow and raise our voice for the sake of our mother country, our adopted country and for the sake of our children.

    Let me now wish you all again, on behalf of my colleagues on the Board of Trustees and myself, a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. I ask you all to continue to pray for peace in Syria. With your continued support, I am confident we will carry on with our mission.


    Nasser Ani. MD FRCS, FACS