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The Syrian American Forum (SAF) is a not for profit organization that seeks to educate the Syrian American community and the general public as to political, social and economic events occurring in the United States and Syria. SAF seeks to raise public awareness about how certain legislators and officials stand on issues that the organization believes voters would take into account in making judgments about the positions of the candidates.

SAF is totally financed by its own members. It does not accept any foreign donations and is working within the laws and regulations allowed by the US legal system. SAF seeks to educate decision makers and the media concerning the complex situation in Syria.

SAF advocates:

  • Rejection of violence and foreign intervention.
  • Syrian national reconciliation and unity through dialogue.
  • The Syrian people alone will determine their political destiny.
  • Preserving the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Syria.
  • A secular Syria with equal rights to all.
  • Better US-Syrian relations.