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U.S. Syria Policy Should Focus on Negotiation

Jul 22, 2013


Letter to the Editor

Published: July 21

David Ignatius, in his July 18 op-ed column, “It’s not Syria. It’s us,” seemedto have determined that force is the only way to help Syria, arguing that a moderate, secular force will not only topple Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but also eradicate all the extremist forces there. Maybe next, Mr. Ignatius will opine that this moderate force will also liberate the entire Middle East.It is time to abandon the idea of bringing the Assad regime down by force. That would destroy Syria and its people and have far-reaching negative ramifications on the national interests of the United States.

It is time to adhere to the Geneva conference principles agreed on by the U.S. government, which created a framework for a government transition. Dialogue is the only option. It is time to consider that more than 5 million Syrians will face death by famine and disease, not by bullets and guns, if violence continues. Talk of military solutions only prolongs the war and killing.Enough is enough. Let’s use our moral force to bring everyone to the negotiating table, not to the killing fields.

Ghias Moussa, Jersey City, N.J.

The writer is director of communications for the Syrian American Forum