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We are pleased to launch this month our first newsletter, follow us to keep informed of our activities throughout the year!
The Syrian American Forum (SAF) is a not for profit organization that seeks to educate the Syrian American community and the general public as to political, social and economic events occurring in the United States and Syria.

The Syrian American League (SAL) is a tax-exempt, charitable organization incorporated in 2012. All contributions, grants and bequests are tax deductible.

SAF launched SAF Youth aiming at empowering the young generations of today to carry the baton. SAF Youth is a group of young Syrian Americans keen on preserving the heritage of their parents and ancestors.

Please remember to renew your membership and ask your friends to join! It is only $10 a year.


Message of The Board

Message from the chairman

Dear friends and colleagues,

Let me start by welcoming the new members who joined SAF and thank our existing members who believed in our cause for the past five years.

SAF’s views were against the mainstream, and lots of individuals and organizations were against our principles, but we held close to our heart our vision, and values, during the time when the world was misinformed by the biased news and misleading stories about what is happening in Syria.
Below are some of the tasks we have done:

  • SAL Donations for Relief in Aleppo achieved by a dinner fundraiser in Boston and Walk 4 Syria in Boston and New Jersey.
  • The World of Nations Celebration in Jacksonville, FL has been educating the masses on Syria.
  • A Series of lectures in both Boston and New York.
  • SAF Youth.
  • Meetings with senators and congressmen.

Thanks to all of you for being part of these projects. You have been working hard to accomplish this success. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to participate.  SAF would not flourish without your continuous hard work, donations, and brilliant ideas.
Now, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
The world’s leaders are realizing that it was never about democracy and freedom, but the crisis in Syria was fueled by groups with an extreme ideology that has an affiliation with terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda and ISIS. The past year unveiled and exposed the truth. A lot of fighters in Syria were foreigners, and are fanatical Islamists and terrorists (Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and ISIS).

Our administration has finally begun to make the necessary steps that could lead to more effective counter-terrorism by exposing and unmasking bias media, putting states that that support and fund terrorist groups on notice, and ending the covert CIA program to arm rebels in Syria.

Yes, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel…

Our job now is more difficult than ever, below are our objectives:

  • We need to bring the truth and educate our communities about Syria.
  • We need to work hard to rebuild Syria.
  • We need to extend our hands to the genuine truthful individuals and organizations that share our vision. We should come together, one hand... one heart, to bring Syria to the Syria we knew before the crisis, the land of peace, and the home to all religions that live in harmony and respect one another.
  • We need to help the refugee, who left their homes, to return and rebuild their homes. There is no better place for them.
  • We should work towards having better relations between the United States and Syria

To achieve the above objects we call on all members and supporters of our mission to help us by:

  • Contacting the Foreign Affairs Committee at 1-(202) 225-5021 and ask for lifting sanctions on the Syrians. These sanctions have caused suffering to Syrians, prevented the delivery of humanitarian aid, making more difficult for food, fuel, and healthcare to reach the mass of the people.
  • Calling your senators and congressman and demanding to include your voice to employ diplomacy.
  • Volunteering at your local communities and promote diversity and integration.
  • Reaching out to the genuine truthful individuals and organizations that share our vision.
  • Volunteer at the polls in your county. Call your county and sign up for training.
  • Be wisely active on all social media, to promote facts.
  • Start philanthropies in your local communities to help the refugees to return to their homes in Syria

May God bring peace to our beloved Syria, bless it with his graciousness and provide us with the strength, patience, and perseverance to continue to help. Thank you SAF, thank you all members and friends of SAF who believed in us and loved Syria for what it stands for.

May God bless the USA and Syria.

Nasser Ani, MD, FRCS,FACSc

Syrian American Vibes

The First Syrian American

The first Syrian to enter the US  was Antonio Bishallany who was born in Syria and died in New York on Aug. 22, 1856 according Philip Hitti, Ph.D. who was a professor at AUB and a lecturer at Columbia University in NY in early 1900’s.

The First Syrian Family to enter the US was Professor/Doctor Joseph Arbeely’s family from Damascus in 1878 and settled in Tennessee. He had five kids. His son Najeeb who was born in Damascus in 1863 founded the Arab-American newspaper, Kawkab America, and he also worked as an inspector at Ellis Island. Najeeb became a lawyer in New York and was the founder of the Syrian Society of New York. Joseph’s eldest son was Dr. Abraham who did the famous interview with the St. Louis Globe-Democrat on 7/22/1880. Here is the link for that interview… very intersting


Events and Notes

Syrian American League

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