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SAF Calls on the US Administration to Adhere to Resolve Syrian Crisis Through Peaceful Means

Aug 10, 2012

The Syrian American Forum (SAF) urges President Obama and Secretary Clinton to take an active leadership role in resolving the Syrian crisis through dialogue and diplomacy.

The U.S. objectives for Syria, clearly and repeatedly stated by President Obama, are to transition Syria into a stable democracy where the rights of all Syrian citizens are protected and guaranteed.

The Syrian American Forum believes that the US objectives for Syria are being undermined by the policy of sanctions and encouraging the opposition to refuse any negotiations, or dealing with the UN and other intermediaries.

We believe that the U.S. should support policies for Syria that lead to outcomes that honor the true spirit of the Arab Spring — the expansion of freedom, liberty, and vibrant and nonviolent civic engagement. Many, if not the majority, of those fighting currently in Syria are known for extremist views that do not, at best, conform with the freedom agenda of the Arab Spring.

We strongly encourage the U.S. to engage all parties to the conflict. A negotiated transition that includes all stakeholders is the only option for ending this vicious cycle of violence that places the future of Syria itself in grave danger.

Sanctions are not only futile, they are counterproductive. They harm the weakest members of Syrian society, polarize the international environment, and make the goal of a negotiated transition less likely.

Regime change through armed action imperils Syria’s future as a viable state, undermines national institutions vital for a democratic transition, and results in tremendous loss of life. Furthermore, it endangers the existing mosaic of the Syrian society and will most likely lead to a prolonged civil war.

We strongly urge the US Administration to adhere to resolving the Syrian crisis through peaceful means of diplomacy and dialogue.