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SAF Condemns Terrorist Attacks on Religious Liberties

Mar 21, 2013

The Syrian American Forum (SAF) condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist bombing of Al Iman mosque in Damascus, which resulted in the death of Sheikh Mohammed Said Ramadan Al Bouti and over 40 innocent worshipers including his own and grandson. We could hardly imagine a more direct attack on religious liberties than setting off a bomb in a house of worship.

SAF calls on the US government to condemn these terrorist acts resulting in the execution of innocent civilians. The Obama administration must relinquish its policy of one-sided condemnation, which is indirectly encouraging the forces of hate and extremism to carry out more terrorist attacks against innocent civilians. All Syrians are equal victims of this terror campaign. Two weeks ago, similar actions resulted in the killing of Christian worshipers as they were exiting their church in Damascus. In that same period, car bombs resulted in the killing of tens of children in front of their schools.

SAF calls on the administration to exert all possible pressure not to turn a blind eye, or support the militarization of this conflict and to be firm in its rejection of the extremists pouring hate and terror into Syria. The administration should instead work towards a peaceful solution based on the Geneva Declaration of June 2012. Any other policies are serving one purpose only: the disintegration of Syria and its society and the destabilization of the entire Middle East region.