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SAF Urges President Obama to Engage All Powers in Syria to End the Cycle of Violence through Dialogue


The Syrian American Forum condemns in the strongest possible terms the vicious cycle of violence prevailing in Syria. The brutal killings that had taken place in the past couple of days and the bombardment of civilian areas by all parties serve nothing but prolonging the civil war and further the disintegration of the country and its society.

It was only last week that President Obama called for Syria to move “in the direction of political transition”. SAF supports this call and urges all parties to the conflict and all those that exert any influence, to take immediate steps that will lead to the cessation of violence.

Everyday passing with the US and the international community turning a blind eye to the increasing militarization of the conflict, with regional countries providing weapons to extremist groups further fuels the vicious cycle of violence and threatens the security of the region. Regional and international powers are exerting influence with impunity escalating the killing and the daily bloodshed making the eventual dialogue needed a much more complicated process.

SAF shares the President’s concern about chemical or biological weapons “falling into the hands of the wrong people”. We note that he addressed the Syrian government and “also other players on the ground”. We call on the President to send an equally clear and firm message to ALL PLAYERS ON THE GROUND that the cycle of violence should be immediately halted. The conflict is already spreading into neighboring countries and threatening the security of the region. The US national security interest is best served through dialogue.

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