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“Hands off Syria, Don’t Bomb Syria” National March on DC


September 4th, 2013

Washington DC

The Syrian American Forum (SAF) calls upon President Obama and Congress to use restraint and balanced approach and not interfere militarily in Syria. Any use of force will result in further loss of innocent Syrian lives. We urge the president and congress to heed the overwhelming polls and demonstrations rejecting war against Syria, domestically as well as across the globe.

SAF called for a national march on Washington on 9/9 calling on the congress to reject the administration’s call for war.

Any bombing campaign of Syria is likely to cause the death of more innocents, will embolden these staunch enemies of the US in Syria, escalate their campaign and draw the US deeper into the Syrian conflict, thus directly threatening our service men and women stationed in the Middle East by those fanatics the administration is directly or indirectly supporting in Syria. While bearing in mind that “The enemy of our enemy is still our worst enemy”, we should heed the warning of General Dempsey in his recent letter to Senator Levin that we “must anticipate and be prepared for the unintended consequences of our action”.

SAF condemns the use of all weapons against unarmed civilians, including chemical weapons, by any side. The Obama Administration shall heed the Iraq War experience as a lesson of rushing to action based on faulty and unconfirmed evidence. It IS acting like the Bush administration did on Iraq. We call for a full UN investigation of the accusation of use of chemical weapons all parties in the Syrian conflict, including the groups supported directly or indirectly by the US and allies,, not merely rely on foreign intelligence. We shall await the final and comprehensive report of UN inspections and let the UNSC deal with the issue.

We stand with the Administration in its affirmation for a political, not military, solution to the Syrian crisis. The Syrian people are looking for the United States to assume its leadership role to bring all parties to Geneva 2 in order to reach a just, peaceful, and lasting resolution for a democratic and secular Syria. To that extent, we urge the administration to use its political weight with all parties to engage in dialogue, not war.