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HANDS OFF SYRIA  - a March on Washington D.C. 9-9-13

As if the killing and destruction in Syria were not enough already.

As if the rise of AlQaeda and affiliates in Syria is not threatening peace around the world already.

As if the US and allies’ such as Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar, direct or indirect support to fundamentalism and extremism is not spreading enough hatred already…

The administration now wants direct bombing of Syria based on foreign intelligence reports. This will lead to the following:

-        More killing of innocent Syrian civilians

-        Further destruction of Syria and its infrastructure.

-        Further demolition of Syria’s social fabric.

-        Prolonging the war already going on in Syria.

Syrian Americans are agonizing for their country and their families. Syrian Americans are tormented for their adopted country, the US. Syrians all over the world are bleeding, morally and literarily.

We are a few days away from the 12th anniversary of 9/11. It is incomprehensible that the same country that paid dearly with terrorism and fundamentalism on that day is even contemplating indirect support to those same groups.

The Syrian American Forum calls on all peace loving people to join it in raising our voices: HANDS OFF SYRIA, DON’T BOMB SYRIA by marching on Washington D.C. on the morning of September 9, 2013. We also call to join in local activities prior to that date especially on September 7th. It is our brethren that are getting killed day after another, yes, yet it is humanity that is being destroyed with this war mongering that is fueling further hatred and further bloodletting. Specifics to come soon.