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Letter from Florida Chapter President to U.S. Officials


July 2, 2014

Senator Marco Rubio
U.S. Senate
Washington, DC  20090

Dear Senator Rubio,

Your request for a campaign contribution just arrived and I sent you another contribution.

Because I have great respect for you and your integrity, independence and intelligence. Your request reminded me that I need to convey to you my strong feelings regarding the actions of the United States Government and the Middle East. THE U.S. SHOULD NOT SEND ARMS TO SYRIA.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Obama continue to claim that the U.S. intends to send arms  to the "Carefully Vetted Moderates" (we are depending on Turkey and Saudi Arabia, both Sunni nations: a ludicrous and impossible goal) in opposition to Assad in Syria. They are dreaming if they believe those arms will not land in the hands of the ISIS/ISIL Sunni extremists and militias
that daily cross the Syria-Iraq border and are seeking Sectarian extreme lslamist nations in both countries. How is the U.S. now wants to arm the "moderates" in Syria so they might combat
ISIS and ISIL. The U.S. now finds itself aligning with the Sectarian Iraq (no equal rights for everyone - no freedom of religion) and yet, we oppose the Assad government in Syria which maintains a secular society (equal freedom of all including women and religious freedom for all). It's absurd. It begs the question:


As a Christian with family members in Damascus, I am concerned about the raping and killing of Christians in Iraq and Syria by these extremists. America should be aligning with Assad and secularist in Iraq. Compared to the North Korean, Cuban, Venezuelans and several other governments, Assad cannot be called "worst despot in the world."

Is the removal of Assad in America's best interest or is it because he is aligned with Iran and Saudi Arabia opposes him? Are we renewing the Cold War with Russia/China on one side and the U.S./lsrael on the opposite side?

Now, comes Mr. Chalabi,the new Prime Minister of Iraq. He was the sweetheart of the U.S. DOD, Mr. Chaney, and the "neocons" who with Mr. Chalabi urged us to invade Iraq,a horrendous mistake which cost our taxpayers a trillion dollars, killed more than 4,000 of our young people and injured tens of thousands to no avail. Look at Iraq now. Mr. Chalabi of course, is still wanted for bank fraud in Jordan. He was "anointed" by the U.S. DOD to become Iraq's new Prime Minister when we invaded Iraq. Our plan was to appoint Chalabi as Prime Minister to sign a Peace Agreement with Israel so that the U.S. and Israel can control the Middle East.

As a native Floridian whose family first arrived in Delray Beach, Florida in 1912,from Lebanon and Syria, I am deeply concerned with our policies in the Middle East. As a National Board Member and Chairman of the Florida Chapter of the Syrian/American Forum (SAF), I urge you to vote against sending arms to Syria. The White House and State Department seem to have no idea what the ramifications of this action. (When they make a decision to go to point "A" to point "B",they have no idea what "C" is going to be like).

Americans of Syrian heritage, including me, are rising up against their politicians for the first time, but that group is growing rapidly. There are tens of thousands Syrians/Lebanese Americans in Florida. And an estimated 40-50 millions in Central and South America who relate to the Middle East quite differently than our government.

It is time the U.S. dealt with the Middle East and Latin America through totally different prisms. (The U.S. can mitigate the enormous influx of poor illegal immigrants by investing in South America with a new "Marshall plan"). After World War II immigration in to the U.S. was about equal as a percentage as it is today. Europe was destitute and their people came here to survive. That is what is happening with regard to Latin American today.

The Marshall Plan turned Europe in to a major trading partner. The same could happen with Latin America if we divert much of the aid we not send to Israel and other countries who don't need it.

Please lead the way and vote in the best interest of the people in the United States which is not the path of President Obama or Secretary of State Kerry.


Alexander A. "Sandy" Simon Jr.