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SAF Calls on U.S. Not to Arm Militants
Beheading of Foley Is but an Example of What Syrians Face Daily


 August 25, 2014

Washington, DC

The Syrian American Forum expresses with profound sorrow and sadness its most heartfelt condolences to the family of the late American journalist James Foley.  His barbaric beheading by ISIS shows the world that the Syrian people in areas controlled by this, and other, terrorist organizations are facing a daily nonstop campaign of terror, torture, and destruction of personal and public property.

On behalf of the Syrian Americans yearning for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Syria, we call on the Obama administration and Congress to recognize the supreme threat to U.S. interests posed by ISIS and to make combatting this terrorist organization, and its allies and affiliates, our main goal in the region.  We call for an end to US policy of seeking to arm a so called “vetted” or “moderate” faction.  Such a policy will only lead to strengthen ISIS, and further its savagery against civilians at large, and the Christian and other minorities in particular. Time is exceedingly of the essence. America must act now!

The Syrian American Forum is a rapidly growing advocacy group of Americans of Syrian heritage.