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Message from the Chairman

A Call to All SAF Members to Participate in Elections

Dear Friends

Almost three years have passed in the life of our organization. We continue to grow.

I am proud to say that we all - Board, members and community - have sustained our organization and persevered in our efforts to try to help our mother country, Syria, in its time of need. We all continue to try to affect our adopted country’s Syria policy towards an approach that brings a peaceful end to this crisis.

The bylaws of our organization call for elections of the Board of Trustees to be held by January 2015. The statutes governing non-profit organizations, such as ours, state that a meeting and elections “shall be held at least once every 2 years”. From our bylaws I quote: “beginning in January 2015, the Board of Trustees shall be elected by the Voting Members”.

Based on a resolution of the Board of Trustees, I assigned a Nominations and Elections Committee “with a mandate to affect elections by January 2015”. This committee began its work, published an initial announcement, and is about to be contacting members in good standing for the process. You should be hearing from its coordinator very soon. The committee will coordinate and supervise national and Chapters’ Boards elections. The committee will finalize the list of eligible voters and candidates. It will nominate and accept nominations for the new board members, and will supervise the elections. All of the announcements and information will be posted on our official website and social media listed below. These will be the only official announcements from SAF. Please note that any other announcements published elsewhere will not be reflecting the official position of our organization unless posted here.

SAF is an inclusive organization. We are here to serve all of our community believing in our Mission Statement.

I am hereby calling again on all of our members in good standing to cooperate with the committee mentioned above. We need to work together and move the organization in a positive way and for the benefit of all of us, the USA, and Syria.

Please get involved. If you have any suggestion please share with the committee and engage.

Looking forward to the cooperation and participation of all of our members in good standing.

Nasser Ani
Syrian American Forum
Dec 16, 2014