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The Right of SAF Members to Vote

A Message from the Chairman

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Syrian American Forum and myself, I express our gratitude to all SAF members, particularly those participating in the democratic process of electing its Board of Trustees as called for by its bylaws and the statutes governing non-profit membership organizations.

SAF posted on its website and Facebook page notifications for this process, including all legal requirements and procedures. We quoted from our bylaws the fact that “beginning January 2015, the Board of Trustees shall be elected by the Voting Members”. The law governing the non-profit organizations states that elections have to be held on an annual or biennial basis. The National Board of Trustees adopted a unanimous resolution on December 6, 2014 to affect these elections by January 25, 2015.

It is unfortunate that some members have been rejecting the mere idea of elections, outright. Even though these elections are a legal and moral exercise of inclusiveness, participation and rotation of responsibility, they were rejected in favor of expectation that certain members of the Board of Trustees shall “NEVER BE SUBJECT TO ELECTIONS”. Some of them have bypassed the bylaws by claiming certain actions regarding the status of their chapters which is the sole authority of the National Board of Trustees as a whole. They have used this act as a tactic to derail the elections. Such action by some Board members results in depriving many members of their right to vote and choose their leadership.

SAF, as an organization, works through the legal process. SAF invited, and continues to insist, that all members in good standing shall have the right to elect the leadership of the organization. Thus these elections and this process. We invite all members to participate and exercise their right.

Please continue to visit our website and Facebook page for updates and procedures for the process.

Nasser Ani, MD
Syrian American Forum
January 10, 2015