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"This is What Syrian Civilians Face Daily from Terrorists"
SAF Condemns Hideous Crimes


For immediate release

Feb 4, 2015
Washington, D.C.

Once again, the terrorists in Syria commit another hideous crime. Once again, the conclusion is clear: in order to defeat the terrorists and their hateful acts, the US and the international community have to coordinate and cooperate with the Syrian government. Short of that, the fight against terrorism is doomed.
SAF condemns in the strongest possible terms the inhuman action by ISIS of burning a human being alive. We would like to remind the international community, and mainly the US, that this is but a small fraction of what the Syrian people living in areas under the control of terrorists in Syria face every day. The continued financing and support, weapons and otherwise, of the armed elements in Syria will only prolong such inhuman activities. While the Jordanian pilot or the Japanese and other journalists are passive victims of these criminals, the Syrian civilians in areas under ISIS, AlNusra and other US and allies supported militants control, are suffering of stone-age rules that in no way relate to a religion or teaching. They are being crucified, stoned, burned and beheaded on a daily basis with the international community paying attention only to foreign victims.
The Obama administration has no option but to re-evaluate its policies towards Syria. It is very clear that US allies are the backbone of these terrorist groups.
SAF calls on the administration to use all in its power to force these allies to immediately cease their public and covert support of terrorists, thus ending the war against Syria that is only feeding into additional killing and destruction of Syria and the region.

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