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SAF Condemns Nowruz Attacks

For immediate release

Mar 21, 2015
Washington, D.C.

The Syrian American Forum condemns in the strongest possible terms the terrorist targeting, on Nowruz day, of civilians through car bombings and other explosives in populated areas in Hassaka and other villages of Syria.

The latest waves of terrorism aimed at bloodying the New Year day of many civilizations, most notably the Kurds. They are but a stark reminder that these terrorists, armed and enabled by NATO members and close allies of the U.S., are bent on destroying the mere fabric of the Syrian society and creating long term hatred and fractions among Syrians. They aim, as well, to dismantling the Syrian people unity and brotherhood.

On March 20, 2015, President Obama extended his “best wishes to all who are celebrating Nowruz in the United States and around the world”.  He went on to say that “on this New Year’s celebration, friends and family have a unique opportunity to reflect on the year gone by; to celebrate their time together; and to share in their hopes for the future”. The terrorists responded by launching this murderous campaign proving, once again, they do not distinguish their targets of all religions, ethnicities or sects.

SAF calls on the president to translate these words into deeds effecting peace for the Syrian people who continue to suffer from policies and actions the administration and its allies continue to pursue. We call on the president to pursue a policy of halting any aid and support enabling the terrorists and facilitating their campaigns of killing and destruction. We also call on the president to exert all possible efforts to force the U.S. allies and friends to do the same and immediately terminate all types of support they provide to the armed elements in Syria, thus practically driving all Syrians towards a peaceful settlement of the Syrian crisis.

It is high time for the Syrian people to live peacefully and be able to build for their future.

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